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Pharmacy Records artists are now up on (free music downloads playable three times,
then buy if you'd like to own the songs). Full list of available songs here.

+ Some Tasty New Pharmacy Releases +

Cam Butler
'See Symphony No.1' LP

1 See (listen)
2 Does Your River Run Deep? (listen)

Buy it (Aust)

Cam's new homepage is up!

Princess One Point Five
'The Truth' LP

1 Turn Around or Thereabouts (listen)
2 If I'd Known Then (listen)

Buy it (Aust)

+ pharmacy live +
(updated Nov. 27th 2006)
  • Sat 20th Jan. Registered Nurse headlining the Spanish Club, Fitzroy with special guests, King Daddy (Adelaide), The Laurels, Starstream, and You will Die Alone. 5 bands ...10 bucks!! Do the math...

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