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Richard Andrew
James Lee
Andrew Papadapoulos
Luke Jobling

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Being part Leo and part megalomaniac, initially most of the instruments were played by me.... (Richard Andrew - ex Underground Lovers / Crow). However in the search for different styles and textures I began conscripting friends to play the instruments that I couldn't (try playing piano accordion without a license!) or that I knew shared a particular musical bent.

The results far exceeded my expectations and all who helped out on this recording have since joined the band and now lead normal, happy and fulfilling lives.

The Registered Nurse philosophy is simply that great music should inspire emotions, not just be heard. That somewhere on this album you will catch yourself lost in some memory or time that our music has conspired to make you feel.

On the strength of the album, Registered Nurse have gained a European booking agent and an English record deal. Strippers will be released in the UK early next year with a European tour to coincide with the release.

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Deutsche Fraulein
This Town's Afraid
(from 'Strippers')
Young Husbands
(from 'Young Husbands')


   Young Husbands (LP)

   Released 01/11/2002
   Pharmacy Records PR011

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   Strippers (LP)

   Released 15/06/1999
   Pharmacy Records PR002

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" album that is destined to receive accolades from every quarter."

- Beat magazine
"...a record that transcends any style or influence through beautifully crafted songs."

- InPress Magazine

"..Romantic, dramatic and quirky...this band is going to be a definite one to watch."

- Melbourne Times

"...delves into the darker, brooding end of Europop with evocative, melodic subtlety."

- Juice Magazine August '99 (National Monthly)

"Brilliant new Australian music"

- TNT Magazine, London UK