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Andrew Papadopoulos

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You show me mine is the debut release from this collection of Melbourne based musicians under the name Kinderland. In preparation for the revolution, their debut offering presents a manifesto via a melodic subtext which is so subtle that even the musicians themselves don't know what's going on.

Committment-phobic to the extent that they start running at the very mention of the word band, these accidental tourists in the world of rock proclaim; "kinderland is not a band, it is a place..."

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Hopeless Insane
(from 'You Show Me Mine')


   You Show Me Mine (LP)

   Released 15/06/1999
   Pharmacy Records PR001

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"Gentle and assured debut album from this Melbourne group, Kinderland are masters subtlety, from the wonderful female vocals that grace the record, right down to the low key instrumentation that holds everything together. Definitely not rock but not quite pop either, You Show me Mine is something for those who don't like being bashed over the head by their music."

- Inpress Magazine