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Richard Morrison
Paul Ritchard
James Dixon

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Odette was formed by Peter Archer - ‘the other half’ of the song writing team from the legendary Sydney band Crow a bit over three years ago after relocating from Sydney to Melbourne. He has (over time) been joined by Nick Murphy (The Anyones), Richard Morrison (South of Nowhere), Paul Ritchard (Mississippi Barry) and James Dixon (Swordfish) to complete the present lineup.

Reasons for the album taking so long to complete are not so clear. There were no studio tantrums, lost master tapes or extended ‘holidays’ in correctional facilities. No, it was simply that they took their time to get the best possible result!

The result is a rich, stunningly self assured album from one of Australia's most unique and compelling song writers.

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   Odette (LP)

   Released 04/04/2001
   Pharmacy Records PR006

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"You can only listen to Odette in one state - breathless expectancy"

- Inpress Magazine