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Claudia Schneider
Kiernan Box
Greg Richards
Sean Simmons
Leslie Williams
Matt Habbren
Ken Gardner
Adam Hutterer
Sean Simmons
Chris Docherty

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In 1991 German born singer and songwriter CLAUDIA SCHNEIDER moved to Australia after seducing an Australian barman she had met in a Portobello Road bar. Arriving in Melbourne, Claudia discovered the Fitzroy music scene and plunged into it as a punter but by 1998 the urge to perform began to overpower her. She bought her first double bass (she says she liked the shape) and started working with Malcolm Hill.

Invitations to guest with Registered Nurse and John Brown's Body kindled the desire to start her own group. In 1998 Claudia began to write a series of songs influenced by her love for German cabaret and oom pah music, the beer purity laws and the mythical pull of the Rhine (that flowed near her house in Boppard).

The sound of Diving Bell was initially formed at a one concert with guitarist/painter Greg Richards at the Builders' Arms in late 2000 when Claudia performed with Kiernan Box and the horn section from The Disappointments for the first time. Diving Bell headed to Pharmacy Records and began recording Alpine Fantasy in his Fitzroy studio with Leslie Williams on drums Matt Habbren on clarinet, Ken Gardner on trumpet and Adam Hutterer on trombone. Recording was interrupted in 2002 by Claudia moving to England for 8 months and on her return the CD was completed with Sean Simmons on electric guitar and Chris Docherty on piano.

Growing up in Boppard, Claudia was heavily influenced by The Triffids and Mary Schneider. She has returned these influences back to Australia. Equally at home singing in either English or German, Claudia has a striking voice that can howl in anger or whisper a caress as the mood of a song possesses her. Claudia herself regards her greatest achievement to date as persuading Matthew Habben and Chris Docherty to wear Lederhosen on Elwood Beach at 7pm for the album cover shot!.

Diving Bell perform Claudia Schneider's songs of loss, love and longing with a restrained, intelligent dynamic. Layered with the burlesque sounds of the clarinet, trumpet, trombone and piano, Diving Bell have now realized Claudia's Alpine Fantasy...

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   Alpine Fantasy (LP)

   Released 16/04/2003
   Pharmacy Records PR012

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"With a sound that is somewhere between Brussels and Brunswick - Diving Bell are indeed unique. Centred around German native Claudia Schneider (vocals/double bass) this, their debut album was recorded in two halves over a two year period - with a 12 month break in the UK - and with two distinctly different guitarists. With Schneider's rich vocals at the centre of the delightful Diving Bell universe, and a constellation of guitar, drums, double bass, clarinet, piano, sax and trombone - this album weaves together as a rich, eclectic and truly original work."

- Waterfront Records